#8 – Lessons

This is the 3rd Painting in the set and it’s entitled, “Lessons” and a continuation from the “Question Beliefs” and “Look Within” Paintings.

I had to figure out, why her and why now, is this bothering me?

What was the lesson I needed to learn from this?08Lessons

As I worked on this painting, meditating on Lessons, I naturally grew towards the greens and layered on other dark colors. The more open I was to finding the answer, them more clarity I got in the direction and purpose with my life.

I started bringing in lighter colors to the painting and feel lighter in general with the whole situation.

How about you? How do you feel about  meditating? Yay or nay? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Keep an eye out for next weeks painting called, “Acceptance”.

Rock on,



  1. RuthRuth08-23-2013

    OH WOW!!! AMY!! This gives me a 3D experience – such depth and genius. I don’t know if you see this, but I’m seeing an intensely dark, thick forest with a shaft of sunlight beaming down from the skies above. And from the darkness of the forest floor spirit pearls (or whatever you’d like to call them!) are being released, defying gravity and rising, heading toward the light. It feels like your own personal releasing and cleansing – such powerful imagery!! At first glance it actually felt upside down because of this defiance against gravity – kind of like your internal struggle to be free of the words your friend thrust upon you! I am in absolute awe and can’t wait to see what ‘Acceptance’ will look like :)

  2. Oh, I love, love, LOVE what your seeing in this painting!!! I can totally see what your saying and while I was working on this painting, it definitely felt like a huge release was happening. By the way, this is the one I was telling you about how I painted it, loved the outcome, then painted over it with black and started over again. Another layer of releasing and letting go of my anger towards my friend as well letting go with my need for perfection an trusting my intuitive mind. :-)

  3. Love the red at the top!!

    And meditating: YAY!
    (though I don’t manage it as often as I intend to)

  4. Julie MarahJulie Marah08-24-2013

    Love your work Aimelie! The colours and the depth and the inspiration, all of it draws me in. I see a woman at the bottom left stoking a fire! And looking again now, I see a figure shadowed in light in the centre – always something new to notice, every time you look. Very inspiring!

    • Thank you Julie, I love hearing your perspective on it!! Thank you for sharing!! :-)

  5. LornaLorna08-26-2013

    Aimelie I am so happy to have found your work. I love this. I can’t explain the feeling, I just know it is a good one! Keep them coming, please.

    • That makes me so happy to hear this Lorna!! I’m so glad this piece gave you a positive feeling!! :-)

  6. Silvia BiancoSilvia Bianco08-26-2013

    Aimelie, I’ve been doing a meditation for a little over a year. It was taught to me by a Greek shaman. It’s about cleansing and surrender. Anyway, I always picture myself in a clearing in the woods receiving a shower of light cleansing first my physical space and then my inner space. It’s so powerful and has brought me much peace. This paining reminds me of it. Light dispelling darkness. Absolutely beautiful.

    • Thank you, Silvia, for sharing, and your meditation style sounds so relaxing and peaceful!! :-)

  7. Shana LaForeShana LaFore08-26-2013

    Gorgeous, Aimelie. reading the emotional journey of the piece really brings it to life!

  8. AndreaAndrea09-01-2013

    God, I just love love love your paintings, Aimelie!! Spirit Pearls!! Those stood out to me immediately and I was wondering what I was going to call them – that’s the perfect name. Something about their brightness and symmetry (and asymmetry!) just jumped out at me and gave me a warm, loving feeling. Can’t wait to see “Acceptance”!

    • Thank you Andrea!! I loved that the painting brought out a warm and loving feeling!! :-)

  9. Sonja KellerSonja Keller09-02-2013

    Aimelie, when I look at this painting I see deep reflections….perhaps reflection of the self? Life lessons? Just beautiful x

    • Great observation Sonja, it’s all about self reflection when I meditate. For me it’s about being present and honoring whatever thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. that come to surface and trying to understand the message/lesson behind it! Thanks!! :-)

  10. Aimelie your art is impeccable. I love meditating, just need to get regular with practicing. I do it about 3 times a month now. ;)

  11. Court McCrackenCourt McCracken09-03-2013

    I love it! Meditating is a beautiful practice and one I am always grateful for when I allow myself to sit in quiet. These pieces are lovely meditations. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

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