#9 – Acceptance

This is the last painting in a 4 set series called “Acceptance.”

By dealing and facing with the issue that was eating away at me, I was finally able to let it go and grow from the experience. 09Acceptance

While my ideal life doesn’t fit the societal norms, I have realized that I’ve strayed a bit and her comment was what I needed to get back on track.

To put myself out there, and share my voice and work. To be an inspiration to others in showing happiness is a choice within you and truly owning who you are.

This painting represents me, as the red dot, surrounded by others with their own unique and creative geniuses living harmoniously in this world.

How about you? Do you feel like you’re on track with your life? Or maybe taking a bit of a scenic route along the journey? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Rock on,



  1. Alejandra RuaniAlejandra Ruani09-07-2013

    Just discovered you, so talented. Interestingly, I can see human and animal shapes hidden in your painting, I love it

    • Thank you and Welcome Alejandra!! :-) I love that your seeing human and animal figures in the paintings!! Thanks for your feedback!! :-)

  2. LornaLorna09-07-2013

    Amelie–I have been happily following your gorgeous series. I am a little surprised at the darker, heavier feel to this piece. But if it represents acceptance and letting go for you–then I love it!
    I look forward to whatever you have for us next.

    • Thank you so much Lorna!! You know, I was a bit surprised as well with the outcome of this one. Looking back, i always associate greens and blues in my paintings with with my personal healing but I was drawn to more of the yellows and oranges and darker colors for this one. It’s definitely different from the majority of my work. I think intuitively, it’s what I needed to express from a soul level, to get me back on track. I really loved hearing your thoughts on the work!! Thanks so much for sharing it!! :-)

  3. Desiree EastDesiree East09-09-2013

    I love this series..I think I’m more of the type of person that likes to take the scenic route, but with the intention of keeping on track with my life. Sometimes, it’s hard to fit into societal norms, so I totally know what you mean. We all have our unique path, and there’s no rule that says you HAVE to do things one way or another…it the road less traveled that sparks my soul.

    • Thanks Desiree, it means alot to hear that from a fellow artist, and I totally agree with what your saying. While I did deviate a little from my path, it was still a great journey, and the synchronicity with the timing was just right… i too believe the road less travelled is definitely the path for me.

  4. Sonja KellerSonja Keller09-10-2013

    The Mindfulness term, ‘radical acceptance’ comes to mind. When we allow ourselves to face an issue or fear, accept it non-judgementally for what it is we can then grow from it. This is what this painting reminds me of.

    • Ohhh, i love that term and I love what your saying!! I’ve come to realize, that for me, the quicker i learn from life’s lessons, the happier my life is. I used to fight and resist it with all my might which led to a severe depression. I wish more people would incorporate radical acceptance in their lives.

  5. Court McCrackenCourt McCracken09-10-2013

    Aimelie, I am absolutely loving these pieces. Super inspiring… You are making me bubble with ideas and the joy of painting!

    • Thank so much Court!! I can’t wait to see what amazing stuff you come up with!! :-)

  6. Julie MarahJulie Marah09-10-2013

    Hi Aimilee, I too was initially surprised at the darker, heavier feel of this painting. However, looking at it again now, it has more of an ‘other world’ or ‘heavenly’ feel to it, with many different kinds of ‘beings’ behind the colours and velvety texture. Great to hear your perspective on what it meant for you as you were painting it. Love your work!

  7. EliseElise09-10-2013

    I love that you are a stand out RED in the midst of a sea of blue..staying true to your authentic self and owning who you are:). Thanks for sharing.

  8. AndreaAndrea09-12-2013

    Count me among those excited to see the completion of this series – and surprised by the darker palette! This painting has a watery, flowing or rippling feel to me so when I read your description of it being you surrounded by others, living harmoniously, it fit perfectly. To me, it conveys the idea of a ripple effect and how we all touch each other in some way. Really moving and beautiful! And – this might sound crazy – but I see a Frida Kahlo figure right in the middle of the painting, which I’m sure is just the way the colors are arranged in that spot, but it’s super cool!

    • Andrea, I love hearing your interpretation of this piece, especially seeing Frida Kahlo in it!! :-) Thanks so much for commenting!! :-)

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